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392 Liberty Rd SE
Salem, OR 97301

   Are you planning for your next tattoo, or looking for an experienced professional Artist? My Living Canvas offers just that, with guaranteed unique custom designs.

   We offer Tattoo services ranging from fresh new designs, touch-ups, reworking old tattoos, or cover-ups. The artists are friendly, professional, and great with most styles, and or placements. One of Salem's finest Appointment Only studio, giving you a clean, peaceful, comfortable environment for your tattoo needs. 


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       ...Art and Tattoos have been a part of her life since she was little, and adventurually led her to her dream career. Artist and owner, Danielle has been tattooing since 2008, and by 2011 she had opened her very own private studio. "I love tattooing." she says, any time she is asked. Her portfolio is full of  unique styles, and custom designs. Her love for tattooing is endless. At the end of the day, her talents don't stop with tattoos. Danielle loves drawing, painting, acting, crafting and volunteering. You can often find her around town working on a theater production, painting a mural, or just helping out with some local event. Simply said, she lives creatively and fully. As a proud mother, this women loves her family, and her community. Easy to talk to, and quick witted with a joke, or some create idea, Danielle works hard to make quinine connections, both around town and in her studio. You will have no problem sitting and talking with her about your ideas, and you will not be less then amazed to watch as she brings your art to life, right before your eyes. Danielle will bring ease and comfort to your tattoo experience, and is alway eager to do her best to give each client what they want. "I love what I do as an artist. I do every tattoo with pride, and respect, knowing you are putting your trust in me. I am always honored to be your artist. Every tattoo is a brilliant form of expression for many people, including myself." -Danielle Baca



       My Living Canvas is a beautiful Tattoo Studio located in Pringle Park Plaza, just south of downtown Salem. Originally est. in 2011 in a nearby historic mall, the studio needed to expand and was relocated in 2019. This stunning studio is appointment only, and provides a very comfortable one-on-one setting. The Plaza is peacefully tucked away in plain sight, and is surrounded by lovely parks, water features, and some really cool local businesses. This Tattoo Studio is not just cozy, but a new refreshing professional atmosphere, that will make you want to come back for more. 




To work one-on-one with each client, to make Beautiful Unique Custom Art and Tattoos that will last a lifetime.

Thank you friends, and Artists alike for all the support!

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Styles and Designs differ from person to person. The mission is to create new ideas, and do custom art for each client.



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$150 Hourly Rate.

Prices will vary from tattoo to tattoo, and will depend on size, placement, details, or difficulty. An estimated price of a tattoo can be given before hand, but keep in mind that it's just an estimated number, and may change. 

$100 is the minimum price no matter how small, or simple the tattoo.

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392 Liberty St. SE Salem, OR 97301

Tel: 503.884.4043



Shop Hours: Appointment Only

Monday - Friday

Hours vary by appt.


Rates: $150 an hour - $100 min.


- I do not give online quotes, or set appointments via Email.


- All appointments must be properly made through the Book Now page.


- All new client, or returning clients with new projects must book a consultation first. 


- Booking opens the first of each month at 11am, and closes the same day as soon as all available appointments are filled.

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