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Embracing the new year, and the new Online Booking.

⭐Clients, please read⭐

Feb. 16th @ 12pm my "Online Schedule" opens.

Booking Details:

I will have 2 booking options, "CONSULTATION" & "TATTOO SESSION", and I will only be offering each of them twice a day. I am only scheduling 3 months at a time, and will start March 1st, and end May 31st. I will re-open my schedule again on May 1st for the following 3 months.

⭐Appts are first come - first serve, and will closed as soon as all available appts are taken.

⭐All clients must book their appt. online.

*Anyone is welcome to call if they have any questions, or are having problems booking.



Are free and are for NEW CLIENTS or for any clients needing to talk to me about tattoos, art, or would just like to book some time in person to answer question.

*Consultations are not needed if you are a returning client who has already spoken about your new ideas, and feel like I, the artist, have a comfortable idea of what you are looking for.

⭐Each Consultation will be 30mins long, and will be used to conceptualize your tattoo ideas into a rough sketch that will be used for your tattoo appt. Or to answer tattoo related questions.



Are for returning clients, or new clients who have had a consultation. Please DO NOT BOOK a "Tattoo Session" if you are a new client who has not met the artist, or if we have yet to talk about your tattoo.

⭐A Tattoo Session consists of 3 hrs. This time can be used for a tattoo of any size, big or small. Each client will only be charged for the actual time spent tattooing.

*For example, if you come in for a small tattoo, you will only be charge for that tattoo, even if it doesn't use the whole 3 hrs.

*Now if we are working on a piece that you know will take some time, then you will have the full 3hrs session to start, work on, or finish your tattoo, and will be charged accordingly.



-First go to

-Click Book Now

-Select an options "Consultation" or "Tattoo Session"

-View available Appt. times (Have a few options in mind)

-Pick a day and time slot. (If the day and time is not available, please pick another one)

-Wait for confirmation.

-Repeat. 😉

‼️Please do not book another appt. less than 30 days from your last session, unless it's to start a new tattoo.

Booking multiple appts. is an option:

-Booking ahead for a "Consultation", and a "Tattoo Session" is ok, as long as they are at least a week apart.

(Please do not book a consultation, and a the Tattoo Session for the very same day. I will need time to work on your art.)

-Booking ahead for you next session, as long as it's not less then 30 days from your last, or next session.



Thursday - Sunday



392 Liberty St. SE Salem, OR 97301

Located in the Pringle Park Plaza.

*Under MarcoPolo Restaurant

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